Rudely Awoken #08

The Sleepy Helpdesk


There’s a gentle rapping at my door
It interrupts me as I snore
My help is required in the middle of the night
A 2am wakeup call just isn’t right


Sympathetic to my sleep, but still she’s in need
Mother’s written essay and needs me to proofread
She’s not overly confident, to do it all alone
I can make myself useful while I’m still living at home


With laboured generosity I throw off my quilt
Conceding to mother’s games of sly maternal guilt
It shouldn’t take too long, just some simple formatting
But I still resent being woken up in her essay related kidnapping


Change the font, amend the size and indent the paragraphs
I know I should learn to do it myself” she innocently laughs
There’s still a reference page to write, but tells me she knows what to do
So it’s back to my bed, with a kiss on the cheek and a very pleased thank you


It’s barely been fifteen minutes and once again I grumpily rise
Mother thinks that she’s broken something; I can see the fear in her eyes
When I take a look at the laptop, I’m sleepily surprised
There’s nothing wrong, I just have to explain, the text has been ‘justified’


I know that she’s not used to this, but it’s really trying my patience
It’s not that I don’t want happy to help, it’s 2am I’ve got no motivation
‘Problem’ fixed, off the bed, please let it be the last
I’d like to get some sleep before the entire night has passed


I’ve heard that bad things come in three’s, tonight will be no different
Mother wakes me once again, although trying to act considerate
I’ve barely had a chance to rest; I wonder what the issue this time
You’ve got my unconditional love, but sleep deprivation is practically a crime


She’s not used to attaching documents onto her outgoing emails
It’s off to work I go again, slumber continues to be derailed
I know it’s easy for me and she just need a helping hand
But it’s the dead of night, I’d like to sleep, doesn’t she understand


With files attached, the emails sent, her work is finally complete
At last I can go back to bed and get some uninterrupted sleep
It’s a good thing that I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow
I might need a little lie in, after being mother’s helpdesk hero



Cameron D Hamilton 16/07/2016

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