Rudely Awoken #07

When One Cat Met Another


When one cat met another it was greeted with a meow
You wouldn’t understand them, unless you spoke meow
They didn’t get along and exchanged some heated meows
Suddenly a fight broke out, with screeching angry meows


Trading scratches from claws and hissing between their meows
Filling the night with their battle cries, that sounded a lot like meows
The cats weren’t aware of the volume of their frantic battling meows
If they did they didn’t care, to victory, they screeched in meows


There happened to be a sleeping man, who was awoken by those meows
He didn’t know the language, but knew the meaning, behind the meows
Not able to find a way to fall back to sleep, amid the chilling meows
The awoken man, seething in bed, cursed at the disturbing meows


Compassion soon sprung from his heart, concerned by each shrill meow
Was there any way he could help, he didn’t even speak meow
Love for animals or anger being awake, he hated those pain filled meows
Why couldn’t they be the best of feline friends and sing songs with their shared meows?


It’s just in the animals’ nature, the fighting and high pitched meows
Territorial dominance, but for the man, just annoying meows
Wishing they didn’t have to fight, lamenting all of the meows
Filled with regret obsessing, listening to those atrocious meows


It was unclear if the fight was over; there were long silences between the meows
Just as the man started to settle, he’d hear another horrendous meow
Finally they gave way to the silence, no more fighting feline meows
Relieved and hoping they wouldn’t return or he’d give them something to meow… about


Cameron D Hamilton 15/07/2016

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5 thoughts on “Rudely Awoken #07

  1. rakhioverhere

    Is this really your imagination?
    btw, this is very cool. Meow 😀
    I love cats and so I do meow.
    They too respond me. Lolzzz 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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