Rudely Awoken #06

The Helicopter Curiosity


Whirring blades pierce the silence of the night
Woken to a mystery, a helicopter in flight
A pulsing rhythm hovers, loudly up above
I wish it would pass, I want to sleep, that racket is quite enough


The roar of the engine over head, really is a nuisance
Putting my head under the pillow, proves to be quite useless
Those loud spinning blades, have really become a pain
How dare they think to hover, over my sleepy domain


The helicopter circles, over the housing estate
It must be something bad; they’d never be out this late
There’s no reason for me to worry, the helicopters on the job
They’ll be flying off quite soon and those disturbing sounds will stop


Dreaming up different scenarios, about why it’s hovering there
Will only wake you up further and possibly give you nightmares
It’s bad enough to be awoken by the oscillating blades
My imaginations running wild, I hope the noise soon fades


The job must be important and I know I shouldn’t complain
But I get so little sleep; the commotion has driven me insane
Even if it’s a tragedy, depriving me of sleep isn’t fair
I’ll hate myself in the morning, tonight I just don’t care


At last the helicopter retreats, flying off into the distance
I hope that it’s been able, to complete its late night mission
Still I’m left here awake with thoughts so very confused
I’m going to have to grab my phone and check through local news


Cameron D Hamilton 14/07/2016

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