Rudely Awoken #05



An almighty clap rings out from the sky
Rousing me from my peaceful slumber
Startled by a noise I’ve not yet classified
I jump, when I suddenly hear another


A thunderstorms been brewing
While I’ve been cosy, snug in my bed
The crash from the silence is booming
Filling me with sleepy confused dread


Relieved that it’s only the weather
That’s been ruining my sleep tonight
A consequence, of all this low pressure
The explosive claps, in the sky, like dynamite


There’s a flash from outside the window
That fills up my darkened room
As the rumbling thunder continues
I’m hoping that it’ll end soon


Trying in vain to fall back asleep
I can’t escape the echoing cracks
Praying to Thor to give me relief
Could the thunder please calm and relax


It’s not that I find, the weather to be frightening
I actually find the rain quite soothing
I just don’t like the noise that comes from the lightning
To be scared awake, isn’t all that amusing


Cameron D Hamilton 13/07/2016


The first four poems of the Rudely Awoken series can be found here;

01 – Time To Get Up Sweetheart

02 – The 4am Text From Work

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04 – Rattling Upon Wood


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