Rudely Awoken #04

Rattling Upon Wood


A shock jolts through the body
Reacting violently to a noise
It can make any victim stroppy
To have a good night’s rest destroyed


Shook awake from nightly sedation
With groggy frustrated groans
A noisy late night notification
Vibrates from my phone


An almighty racket released
Phone on wooden table top
Rattling starts to repeat
Will it ever stop


Pulsing across the table
This better be important
I can’t say that I’m grateful
To be woken from contentment


What’s this clattering alert
That’s woke me up so irate
Scared me with a vibrating spurt
Just some pointless app update


Slumber’s been disturbed
Depriving me of rest
Anger might have been deferred
If it had came from my WordPress


It’s not that I don’t like attention
But being woken up is something I hate
Honestly it’s quite the deflation
When all I get is a dumb app update


It’s clearly my own stupid fault
For leaving my mobile phone there
Startled by a convulsing assault
At least there’s no beeping fanfare


Is the echo of rattling on wood
Better than a shocking bleep
Neither, to be fair, are any good
When you’re trying to get some sleep


I should really deactivate
Those pesky notifications
Till the morning that can wait
Sleeping’s my only motivation


It would prove a foolish mistake
Not to silence communications
Once more startled I wake
To jarring wooden vibrations


7 thoughts on “Rudely Awoken #04

    1. I need to either turn off WiFi or turn the entire thing off at night. I don’t use it as an alarm so I don’t need it on but I’m so lazy at bed time (he says staying up way past bedtime because he wants to finish a poem 😄)
      Glad you enjoyed this!!


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