Rudely Awoken #03

The House Creaks At Night


Awoken by a scraping on the closed bedroom door
Cowering in fright, trying my best to ignore
The poster on the door rebels from the sticky tack
In all the sleepy confusion, I feared a surprised attack


There’s a sudden creak that sounds like it’s coming from the ceiling
It’s giving me a very, unsettling feeling
Frozen in panic, refusing to breathe
Hoping it doesn’t, cave in on top of me


I hear the stairs creak, but there’s no one else home
Starting to worry I may not be home alone
Clutching the pillow, trying to clear my mind
All this phantom creaking, makes me want to hide


Hiding under the duvet, the window starts to squeak
Timidly my head pops out, venturing a peek
Its just the wind thats pulled my window open wider
Playing on my fears, imagination getting wilder


There’s a soft metallic screech coming from the door handle
Is anybody there, my sleepy thoughts are in shambles
Faintly in fear I whisper “Hello”, but no-one replied
Staring at door, eyes open full and wide


I’m really starting to tire of these terrifying creaks
I’d really like it if I’d be allowed to get some sleep
I’ve never been a fan of sleeping home alone
Tormented by the sounds from the mysterious unknown


After a moment I start to feel a little bit more composed
A gust of wind blows and bangs the window closed
Panicked racing heart, jumping from the fright
There’s no way that I’m going to get any sleep tonight


Cameron D Hamilton 12/06/2016


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