Breakfast for One


Early morning walking

With hunger a knocking

Rumbling stomach talking


There’s purpose to my stroll

Calming for my tormented soul

Steps propel me to regain control


No company I might annoy

A courtesy, my choice to avoid

Re-learning what it is to enjoy


Walking helps me to rebuild

Sense of calm, relaxed and chilled

Stomach grumbles to be filled


No more needed to be persuaded

Lusting to have my hunger sated

Stomach longs to be elated


I know of a twenty-four hour cafe

That’s really not that far away

That’ll do the rumbles say


Dreams of sausage, bacon and eggs

My stomach loudly gurgles and begs

Hurrying my hungry legs


Walking already for a couple of hours

Amid light rain, drizzling showers

Thinking of breakfast I’ll soon devour


Time is only five twenty

Cafe is completely empty

Walk has me slightly sweaty


Taking a table in the corner

Hunched over menu planning my order

Radio plays, staff lazily murmur


Once again to eat alone

No-one to hear my stomach groan

No-one to burden with tired moans


Waitress comes over to enquire

What is it that my heart desires

Nervously I begin to perspire


Placing my order hungrily

Exposing ravenous gluttony

Waitress flirts with me subtly


Talks a while, puts me at ease

Words laced with playful tease

Knowing a tip is all she sees


Coy affection caught my attention

It’s a service industry convention

Would be nice if this was an exception


Music plays, not to my taste

Refuse to judge or to lambaste

Earphones in, from the world displaced


Eyes surreptitiously follow the waitress

Images forming all of them tasteless

Quiet adoration, never courageous


Rearranging the condiment pots

Waitress has my stomach in knots

Distracting me from my tortured thoughts


Breakfast arrives, a welcome sight

Thanks given, always polite

Waitress smiles to my fluttering delight


Tucking into my morning meal

Cleaner around me, less than ideal

Annoyance has to be concealed


The smell of bleach fills the air

My meals aroma being impaired

Cleanliness does show they care


Perfume lingers through bleach and bacon

Smitten with the wait staff maiden

Pleasant thoughts have been awakened


Contented, fleeting, harmless distraction

Wandering eye of attraction

Sighs of simple satisfaction


Soothing presence of another

Forgetting reasons that I suffer

Dreams turn to romantic hunger


Serenely stirring cappuccino foam

Wondering if I’d think like this alone

Having my breakfast, hidden at home


Dangers can come from isolation

Avoiding any conversation

Depression from social deprivation


Walking alone in summer rain

Fostering all internal pains

Pressure builds, increasing strain


Can’t always remain myself

Never good for mental health

Internalised thoughts can overwhelm


Mental relief can come from company

Brief conversation, albeit reluctantly

Sometimes nice to talk to somebody


Contentment comes at a shock

Respite from the tormented walk

Glad the waitress stopped to talk


Confident she’s unaware

Kindness shown to me is rare

More concerned her tip is fair


Seductive charms are very effective

Fictional pleasantries, my perspective

Self worth already proven defective


Denying the possibility of romance

Unwilling, not ready to take a chance

Happy with no more than a glance


Conversation, talking cure

Relationship will be kept pure

Despite the breathtaking allure


Meal devoured, happily paid

Stomach filled, rumbles fade

Thoughts suppressed, torments stayed


Never the intended destination

Merely a stop to quell starvation

Filled with food and affirmation


Beleaguered mind still remains

Unwashed by the morning rains

Soothed instead, by social bonds and chains


Small gestures from a stranger

Show the best of human nature

Rescue from internalised danger


Respite over, time to leave

Morning mission achieved

Calmed and feeling quite relieved


Once more into the rains I roam

Headed in the direction of home

Not as burdened as I walk alone


Walking off torments in dawns rising sun

Isn’t always the answer when you’re coming undone

There’s comfort to be found in breakfast for one



Cameron D Hamilton 10/07/2016


9 thoughts on “Breakfast for One

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  2. Hi,
    You have a real talent for rhyme. I love rhyme. Kin of a sad poem.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, that’s so kind of you to say!
      Yes that was quire the shock, Danny has a great blog and it’s quite the honour to be featured.
      I’m always looking for advice on making my way through this mad blogging world, I’ll have to come by your blog!!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. You e got a lot of really interesting content. I wish I had more time to delve deeper but I suppose it’s always there. I look forward to getting deeper in when time allows but I found some stand out today that really peaked my interest!


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