Blog Briefing #001

As regular readers might have noticed I’ve been a tad morose as of late.  It’s not been a pleasant few weeks and the past couple of days have been quite the test, however I’ve indulged my more annoying emotions for long enough.  I’ve came up with a plan, maybe not to relieve my beleaguered mind, but to change the content that’s being posted here.  I’m sure everyone reading is tired of my ‘first world problem’ moaning.


The month of July will end on a Sunday so the plan is to split the remaining three weeks of the month into hosting a particular feature.


Week One will be a poetry series titled ‘Rudely Awoken’.  As I’m sure you can tell they’ll all be themed on the annoyance of being woken up and prevented from getting back to sleep.  I’ve tried to use a couple different styles but I do fall on my usually style more.  Hasn’t done me wrong so far (or at least no-one has told me.)


Week Two will be a poetry series titled ‘Playlist Poetry’.  The idea here is to scroll through my playlist and using the song title, compose a poem.  Yes its cliché, but I’ve been trying to reintroduce music into my life and I think this could be fun.  It’ll also give you lovely readers an insight into my horrible taste.  It’s not going to be a random selection, I’m not quite confident enough to do that; I’ll be going through my library and picking seven songs that inspire.  (Actually going off topic, if anyone has some good music recommendations feel free to let me know. I’m on the hard rock spectrum, think ‘Thin Lizzy’ oh and I am fond of a female vocalist but that might be for different reasons.   I don’t know music these days so I’m just looking to expand my knowledge and find something new to listen to. I may still only be in my twenties but I stopped listening to music few years back so I’m ridiculously out of date…not that I ever had amazing taste)


Week Three, the one I’m most looking forward to, will be dedicated to short stories.  I don’t often post stories but it’s where I started and I want to flex those creative muscles.  These posts won’t share a theme but will be longer than my average posts.  I know a lot of readers hate the longer stuff so if that’s you; feel free to take that week off.  I’ve already got a few ‘in progress’ but I’m happy to take suggestions if anyone has a particular story topic they’d like me to cover, maybe expand on a theme I covered in a poem you liked.  I’m feeling very open to critique and suggestion right now, trying to figure out what I’m actually capable of besides feeling sorry for myself.


Hopefully this should be fun for you lovely readers as you don’t have to read me prattling on about being depressed, I don’t really have the right in the first place.  It’ll also be good for me to work under deadlines, especially for the stories.  I may still post randomly and nonsensically as I’m apt to do, if I feel inspired and write something out with the feature of the week.  Maybe a daily prompt might catch my eye.   After July, depending on what happens in the big bad real world, I may go on hiatus.  I don’t want to think too far ahead, but I do have an overwhelming need to run away and hide.


Anyway, enough rambling from me, this is just a little briefing to let you lovely readers know what’s coming up on the blog.  If you want more rambling you can always email me where I will happily annoy the life out of you with prattling nonsense.  Please don’t be afraid to let me know what you think, even if you think my ideas are idiotic I’d still love to find out what you think.  This blog may be subtitled, “…for me own entertainment”, but it wouldn’t be anything without you lovely readers.



Cameron D Hamilton


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