You’re Not My Friend


Have I not made it clear
That I do not like you
Yet still you appear
Yet still you pursue


I don’t understand
Why you won’t go away
Could you for once perchance
Just do as I say


I’ve really no interest
In being your friend
I’ve already been witness
To the havoc you intend


Can you leave me alone
You cause me nothing but pain
Please stop following me home
You’re driving me insane


Every time that I believe
You’ve given up your pursuit
I’m revealed to be naive
As you return more resolute


I don’t know why you chose me
I’m really nothing special
Do you care or even see
You constant attention is stressful


I hide alone in my bedroom
Barely making a sound
Hoping for a chance, that freedom might bloom
But it’s never long, till once more I’m found


You’re not my friend, you never will be
But still you come to visit
I wish you would stop harassing me
You do nothing but drain my fragile spirit


I hate you and I promise
I won’t let you ruin everything
No longer the innocent novice
No longer your favourite plaything


I don’t want to have to hide
I have to find the strength to fight
You’re not the companion I want by my side
If only I could be free tonight

no one likes you go away


Cameron D Hamilton 09/07/2016

Audio recording added 10/07/2016



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