Tortured by the horrors in my head, please could anyone help
Tormented by frightening figments, can somebody please help
Tales from my unconscious mind, is there anyone who can help
Terrors from nightmare filled sleep, please I really need help


I know I’m not awake so I try, but I can’t seem to scream
Panic shakes my mind, yet I can’t find the power to scream
I can barely manage a whimper; the nightmare won’t let me scream
Vocal cords seized in restless sleep, no chance for me to scream


I’m in a waking limbo and I’m finding it hard to breathe
I feel myself suffocate; it’s scaring me I’m failing to breathe
Trapped between duvet and pillow, I literally can’t breathe
I need to wake myself up now, before I cease to breathe


If I could just find a way to move I’m sure that I’ll wake up
All I need is one jolt of my leg and that’ll make me wake up
Distressed I can’t scream or breathe, I’ll die if I can’t wake up
Hyperventilating through my nose, desperately trying to wake up


Woken, out of breath, but no memory of what the nightmare was about
In panic and unsettled dread, I’ve no idea what that dream was about
Shaking in confused tears, unable to focus on what it was about
I’m not going to sleep without the light on, in case the nightmares still about


Cameron D Hamilton 08/07/2016

Image Credit Sally Jackson


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