5 thoughts on “Do The Answers Change?

  1. Daramemon

    You a alive, seize life by its horns, or take baby steps u are so gifted and stylish join a group where they read poetries u have to go like viral bigger audience do not let it go to waste one step one baby step and see how u feel

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    1. Thank you so much for all your continued support. Your so very kind to take an interest in me and my work.
      I promise I’ll get there, just been a bad few days but seeing comments like yours really helps ❤


      1. Daramemon

        U are the best, see a pebble without imperfections can nev be compared to a diamond with a flaw, try one step each day, one step,God will push and pull you, he is always around u even more at these times, bad days do not go find an opportunity in a day, it’s your, eyes, smilies, find the right place, people, a poetry club you will shine like a star in the sky, and by the way all creative people are like u, geniously speaking

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