Within Darkness

There’s a cloud of negativity that follows me wherever I go
I know that I’m responsible for letting it fester and grow
I’ve let life overwhelm me and I’ve retreated into darkness
If I can’t escape it, could it be tamed and find myself catharsis


I live my life in obscurity, hidden in the shadows
What I get up to in my cave, no-one really knows
I’m safe from the world outside, when I’m in the darkness
But being alone with myself, is anything but harmless


I wish I could find a beacon that shines in darkest night
I’m not sure I have the strength, to hold on and continue to fight
My ambitions fade to black, the longer I bask in the darkness
In solitude so no-one can tell, I don’t think they’d care regardless


It’s getting to the point that I don’t even want to try
I could let go of my dreams and finally let hope die
I’m not even sure that I want to escape the darkness
When it comes to my own wellbeing, it’s clear I’m truly heartless


Can there be catharsis when I can’t live with myself
Would there be any peace in simply saying farewell
I have no love being stuck here, mired in the darkness
Self inflicted drowning, with no hint of a safety harness


These feelings aren’t unique; in fact they’re all too common
Could this be just a moment, or have I truly fallen
It’s hard to find your way when you’ve lived so long in darkness
With no light to guide you, under a night’s sky that’s starless


I’m confused, knocked off balanced, clearly not thinking straight
I’m not me; I don’t know who I am, broken, inadequate
Empty and afraid, lost within darkness
Can I save myself, or become despair incarnate



Cameron D Hamilton 07/07/2016

A Daily Prompt response for Darkness that is ironically well timed to match my current state of mind.

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