Beautiful Outside Trapped Inside


Through my bedroom window I can see that it’s beautiful outside

But today I’ve chosen that I’ll hide myself inside

Yesterday was pouring with rain and I was happy to go outside

Yet in the gorgeous summer weather, I can’t face the world outside



I had planned to do so much, but instead I lay here in bed

There’s nothing physically wrong, I just can’t get out my head

To actually open the bedroom door, is filling me with dread

Shame I’m letting everyone down, guilt that I may have mislead



I don’t know when this will pass, it really is a pain

My mind is plagued and over active, leaving my body drained

I know eventually the bad will go and I’ll feel myself again

For now I’m trapped inside, wishing that it would rain


Cameron D Hamilton 07/07/2016



7 thoughts on “Beautiful Outside Trapped Inside

  1. Think of it as a recharge and that sometimes we need space, quiet, reflection so we can wake up and shine the next day. Ebbs and flows of life. I’m right there with you, friend. 🙂 ❤

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