Rabbit Hunting Redux

[After my fleeting glimpse at a rabbit yesterday I was determined to go back to the beach park today to get a few photos.  Once again at the same spot I saw one, but the grass was too long for me to get a shot.  I decided to do head off to another location to get some other photos when I stumbled upon a mass of adorable little rabbits.  It was really hard to get good photos because I couldn’t get close, I only had the camera on my phone (the best camera I have right now if I’m honest) and the zoom isn’t great.  I decided to write a redux to the poem I posted yesterday Rabbit Hunting.  The following is a new poem and a few of the better photo’s I was able to get.  I hope you enjoy the poem and the photos delight you as much as they do me.]


My infinite stupidity
Is often quite impressive
My logic is admittedly
Sometimes less than effective


Rabbits are famed
For being in large numbers
If I’m honest, I’m ashamed
I made a foolish blunder


How could I be so oblivious
To such a clear fact of nature
I find it quite hilarious
That yesterday was such a failure


Far too focused
On one outskirts sighting
Caught up in the moment
All too very exciting


Had I taken a quick walk
About ten minutes away
I’d have been able to stalk
A field of rabbits at play


Shocked to see so many
I thought my chance was gone
Camera at the ready
My rabbit hunt back on


Carefully creeping in closer
Skittish, they’re quick to hop away
Hoping for a cotton-tailed poser
A good photo would really make my day


Using the full camera zoom
Qualities being diminished
Giving them lots of room
So I can finally capture an image


Snapping away with delight
Smile upon my face
Pleased with the adorable sight
Trying not to move just in case


Dog walkers come by and ruin my fun
Rabbits all fleeing for a bush
Annoyed because I’d only just begun
Never expecting a canine ambush


No choice but to continue my wander
Being interrupted is so very unkind
With luck around every other corner
More rabbits a hopping I’d find


The giddy wonder of a child
Is still alive in me
Finding bunny rabbits in the wild
It truly a cute sight to see


Armed with only a camera phone
I took the best photos I could
They’ll certainly keep me smiling till I get home
And see if they’re actually any good


Yesterday didn’t end well
I went home in dejected misery
Today all my photos surely do tell
Of my little rabbit hunt victory


Cameron D Hamilton 06/07/2016



7 thoughts on “Rabbit Hunting Redux

  1. Daramemon

    The thing is you are good very good u need a great publisher you never know, also people stupid people who make u laugh have to meet u all the time my beat r for u sir

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so extremely kind of you to say. Thank you 😊 I should look into publishing it’s something I’d like to do.
      I think it would be interesting to meet people from the community we’ve all got such interesting styles.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but everytime I had a great chance spending minutes sneaking my way over here comes a dog walker. Oh it was annoying. Need a better camera but just seeing them in such vast numbers was amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

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