There’s a chirping by my window that wakes me to the day
Curious half asleep, I wonder what they say
I imagine their song is inviting me, to get up, come out and play
To start afresh and forget all the troubles of yesterday


Lift your sleepy head and come join the world outside
There’s a new adventure to be had, please don’t stay in bed and hide
You’ve got so much life to live, but it’s up to you to decide
Those chirps inspiring morning thoughts, of positive advice


While I don’t understand the nuance, in the tweets of avian speech
I like to imagine there’s a lot of wisdom that they want to teach
Don’t let yesterday haunt you, don’t let it become a leach
There’s a new day to explore with, new exciting goals to reach


It’s hard to put your troubles aside; the way you feel’s a crime
It’ll be worth it in the end, if you can make the choice to climb
The world will be yours to conquer, all you need’s get yourself primed
It doesn’t have to be with big steps, just take it one day at a time


Roused from slumber gently, by melodic twitters of birdsong
Imagined inspiring lyrics that help when I’m not feeling strong
Am I lying to myself so I’ll get up, would that be so wrong?
Whatever it is I need it and I hope it stays with me all daylong


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