Independence Day

There was a sombre mood, on the military base

We all knew the challenge that soon would be faced


From across the hanger a loud squawk without warning

A man call for attention with a humble “Good Morning”


He stood before us all to try and settle our fears

This brave young man, before a band of volunteers


He knew the stark fate that would befall all mankind

It would require great courage on this task he’s assigned


We’ll be fighting for freedom, for the right to be alive

Not from tyranny or oppression, but freedom to survive


Is it fate that today is the fourth of July

Can it inspire us to victory on this mission we fly


Should we vanquish our foe, it’ll be a memorable day

Remembered by all as not just an American holiday


We have to make our stand, we have no other choice

The man commanded with his confident voice


With passion he called “We will not go quietly into the night!”

Rousing the crowd “We will not vanish without a fight!”


Today the human race will have to fight to make its way

And in victory, we’ll all celebrate, our Independence Day!

Love the ’96 movie.  The ’16 sequel is questionable but great poster art!


I’d like to wish a Happy Fourth of July to every American and especially to those reading this piece of nonsense.  Inspired by the day I was reminded of the movie ‘Independence Day’ and the memorable speech by President Whitmore.  I decided in a fit of madness to break it down into a fun little set of couplets.  I certainly hope no-one took any offence at this; we can’t help how we’re inspired.  It’s a little bit of nonsense that I hope brings a smile.  Have a great day, wherever you are!


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