I’m meant to go back to work tomorrow

I haven’t been going to work

I can’t

The last time I was there

I broke

They certainly didn’t seem to care


It’s been a couple of weeks now

Can I go back

Should I go back

Am I ready

Will anything have changed

The people

The politics

The perpetual





that lives there

I don’t know

It’s only been a couple of weeks

I shouldn’t think so


I’m meant to go back to work tomorrow

Can I

Should I

Will I be back here again next month

Unable to leave the house

Unable to be around people

Unable to sleep

Not wanting to speak

Not wanting to eat

Not wanting to breathe


Unable to be me


I’m meant to go back to work tomorrow

Have they actually noticed I’m not there

Does anybody care

Do I care


It’s not an important job that I do

The people I work for don’t understand what I do

They refuse to

That’s the problem

Heartbroken every single day

Political idiocy getting in my way

Do they notice I’m not there

I bet they’re glad I’m not there

Finally that long haired eccentric is gone

No one to complain we’re doing things wrong


Highly experienced

Hardly paid

Not respected

Constantly dejected

I’m always wrong

There always right

Even when it comes back to bite

And they wonder moral is an absolute joke

It’s no wonder I broke


I’m meant to go back to work tomorrow

Do I

If I don’t I can’t live

If I do I won’t live

I know I don’t want to

Just stay in bed and pretend I can write

Stay inside and happily hide

I know that I should go back

Contribute, socialise, normalise


Not normalise, compromise

Earn shiny pennies for new shiny baubles

Work to live

Earn to eat

If I go back

am I admitting defeat

The answer is so far out of my grasp

There’s no-one out there left for me to ask

First world problems right

So you have a job you despise

At least you’re still alive

For now, at least


I’m meant to go back to work tomorrow

I know I won’t sleep tonight

Worried, in fight

It’s not going to be alright

I’m afraid people know

I’m embarrassed they should know

I’m scared


I’m meant to go back to work tomorrow

Should I


6 thoughts on “I’m meant to go back to work tomorrow

  1. rakhioverhere

    Woah, woah…slow down man.
    Your poem is very astounding. Loved it.
    But please don’t feel too discouraged. I also feel like not going at work because of my laziness. Since it is rainy season here. I feel like staying at home.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I wish i was only wanting to be lazy. The place totally messes me up but I can’t find another job. I think it may be time for me to move. I’m trying not to let it discourage me, just some thoughts I’m having today.

      Liked by 2 people

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