Burning Limericks

[I thought I would try something different for today’s Daily Prompt Burn.  The following are a few limericks I wrote.  I can’t promise you that they’re any good but they made me laugh, so enjoy…]


There once was a man who lived on the sea

Who started to feel burning whenever he peed

Last night he met a mermaid

And naughtily they played

And now he thinks he’s caught an STD



There once was a man who was ever so romantic

Admired for his words so very charismatic

When he cooked for a date

Burning the meal was his fate

His ability to cook was truly tragic



There once was a young man whose wife always disagreed

She belittled him daily, quite the awful banshee

Growing tired of his spouse

He planned to burn down the house

It would be far cheaper than divorce you see



There once was a woman who liked to get trapped in burning buildings

She found the experience rather sexually thrilling

She had a crazy plan

To date a handsome fireman

But when they met her none of the firemen were willing




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