What was I looking for?

Standing confused in my the bedroom doorway
I inspect the chaotic interior
My plans for the day are at risk of delay
I can’t remember what I was looking for


I’ve heard that walking through a door
Can bring on a mental reset
If you’re not fully focused, on the chore
There’s a chance, that you may forget


The mysteries of the human mind
Are no solace, as I stand here perplexed
Racking my brain, but there’s no answers to find
So I rattle through the usual suspects


Bag, coat, hat and wallet
All accounted for
I’ve got everything I normally collect
Still I can’t help but think there’s something more


They say if you call out, for an item that you’ve lost
Then it may appear before you instantly
That doesn’t really help, when it’s hidden from my thoughts
Should I call out for my long lost sanity?


Supposedly there’s a science called ‘findology’
I’m not sure that’s even a word
It sounds like the simple brother of cryptology
And frankly a little bit absurd


I could always say a prayer to St Anthony
The patron saint of lost things
It might be more useful than the profanity
Directed at my unknown something


Why does this always happen to me
Every time I’ve got an important date
Standing on tip toes in hopes that I’ll see
The missing item that’s getting in my way


Would it be risky, would it tempt fate
To leave without my missing object
My confusion is really starting to frustrate
There’s no inch of the room left unchecked


In exhaustion I have to abandon my quest
Whatever it is, I’m not going to find it
A quick look to the mirror, admiring how I’m dressed
To see there’s something not right with my outfit


Well what the fashion fool I am this morning
Intelligence clearly not one of my superpowers
In my rush to get out and enjoy a little courting
I forgot to change out of my pyjama trousers


Now as much as this is just another of my stupid attempts at humour, after I took the photo I actually think its a pretty good look


17 thoughts on “What was I looking for?

            1. It’s quite rare for me I usually have a fully formed idea but this one annoyed me. I started it last month and ignored it till last night when I fixed it. Although I’m struggling today, tired to write for the daily prompt but everything is terrible. I’m just going to do my own stuff and stop forcing.

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                1. I’m just glad this one worked out okay. I wrote 7 last night so I might have just worn out my words. The annoy thing is I have another 5 in progress so I do want to finish I’m just rhyme blocked. I might do some short story work instead.

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  1. WOW. That was a fun read. I often walk into a room and my brain gets hijacked, leaving me feeling lost and confused.

    You have a lovely writing style. It feels like thoughts streaming directly from your mind onto paper, except the thoughts are well constructed and lyrical. I love it. I look forward to more of your posts. Following you now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much that’s incredibly kind. I say it a lot but I just ramble nonsensically and it comes together. I’m a huge fan of a good rhyme and I put a lot of work into my work im really glad you’ve taken to it. I’ve got a lot to come and a lot behind me, you should feel free to check out the back catalogue there’s some wondeful poems there.

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