A warming cascade soaks through long wavy hair
Waves of water releasing, all your troubles and cares
Droplets trickle softly on smooth supple skin
Sighs of bliss and pleasure, are soon to begin


Hands upon your body, exploring all your curves
Giving loving attention, that your body truly deserves
The waters dance divinely, flowing between hands
Soothing and relaxing, with every drop that lands


Lather gentle builds, glistening and white
Enveloping naked skin, a magical delight
Bubbles teasing softly with every gentle pop
Wishing this moment would never have to stop


Gliding over excited skin, a tantalising treat
An aroma fills the air, delicate and sweet
Floating away with the steam, as the temperature rises
Stimulating your vulnerable senses,arousal starts to rise


Now that’s enough of your perving, you creepy mysterious browser
Get out and let me enjoy myself, in this warm and wonderful shower

In response to Daily Prompt Water



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