Battle on The Billiards Green

A timid new challenger patiently waits
A new victim for the champion to spank
Opponent has the break and gets to set the pace
Balls scatter, pockets empty, nothing sank


Surveying the green coated table
Picking from a stripe or a spot,
Wisely aim your cue and make it stable
Watch coloured balls sink as you pot


Maybe it’s the champs’ over confidence
Maybe it’s the luck of the break
He’s finding it quite the annoyance,
to miss every shot that he takes


Quite a simple game, you may believe
but if there’s any slight sign of hesitation
Your opponent will gain a dangerous reprieve
Leaving you to watch on in frustration


When the challenger picks up their cue
They show surprising skills on the table
The champs’ dominant run might be through
Those first mistakes are now proving to be fatal


Though it might be just yips, in the champions head
He thinks its travesty to all pool hall justice
Believing that somehow, he’s being mislead
Is this challenger a shark on the hustle?


Arrogance flaring, the champ tries to centre
Games not over, he still has a chance
Don’t give in to competitive temper
His poor start, an unlucky happenstance


Still on the table the challenger thrives
Looking quite pleased with their skills
the champions’ defeat will be soon to arrive
Only the ‘8 ball’ remains, to be drilled


All signs of hope drain, from the champs face
Prepared for a shut-out defeat
Trying to muster good sportsmanship grace
For in a moment, he’ll have to concede


Rattled in the jaws of the pocket
Shut-out postponed, to the challengers dismay
The champ rises to his feet like a rocket
He’ll have to shoot the best game he’s ever played


Setting himself up for a come back
A nervous shake to his cue
Smacking his target with a thwack
and just the right hint of screw


What a shot! Now on to the next
The champs skill has finally awoke
Challenger, starting to look vexed
Praying that he misses and chokes


Soon the atmosphere is electric
All the spectators stand to their feet
Cheering each pot so energetic
While the challenger remains in their seat


Clearing the table with confident ease
No obstacles left in the way
To the challenger, he throws a flirtatious tease
Ego rising, with each shot that’s played


Arrogance rising with each ball he sinks
Trash talking between every shot
The comedic barbs would turn into a jinx
What a miss! Pay attention, he forgot


The gathering crowd had hoped for this
A classic ‘8 ball’ showdown
Challenger rallying, from the champs’ foolish miss
Determined to beat, that arrogant clown


‘8 ball’ tightly secure on the cushion
Rattled hard to rest at the opposite side
Stunning the champ, with flawless execution
The challenger flashes a grin, rather snide


The opponents’ trade shot after safety shot
Trying to keep the upper hand
Neither brave enough to go for the pot
To the crowd an astounding grandstand


With a tragic miscue and a gasp from the crowd
The champ made a terrible mistake
Luck to the challenger, graciously endowed
‘8 ball’ hung over pocket, what heartache


The challenger accepts this perfect chance to win
The room in silence, as the champ, does nervously watch
Lining up for victory, aiming with spin
It’s too much, the winning shot, has been botched


The battle is lost, the challengers been spanked
But not as easily as the champ first thought
Yes it’s true the‘8 ball’ was well and truly sunk
But the ‘cue ball’ fell in after that winning pot


Luck would seem to favour the champ again
The challenger stood silent in shock
Dumbfounded unable to find words to complain
The champ starts to playfully mock


Doing his victory dance and cheering in delight
The champs relieved that he won in the end
The challenger smiles at the rather foolish sight
Her insufferable, but lovable, boyfriend


Quite a simple game, you may believe
But filled with a fair bit of tension
The victor ecstatic, the loser left to grieve
But there’s always a shot at redemption


This is an unsubmitted competition piece from 2010.  After yesterdays post I thought it might be nice to throw this one up as well.  I remember that I chose not to submit this after my ‘friends’ had such an indifferent attitude to my work.  They’re long gone now so its time a new better audience see what nonsense I can come up with.

Don’t worry, I shan’t be wallowing in the past, new pieces are on the way including something very special for my 100th post.  Well, I say special, maybe ‘long’ is a more apt description.


7 thoughts on “Battle on The Billiards Green

      1. I used to play a lot, snooker and pool. Always wanted a table for the house, but they’re a tad large. My skill these days is quite lacking, I remember how to play the executions fails me. Still it’s always fun and a 8 ball scratch is always appreciated. Ahaha!!

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