Resignation #2

You deprive imagination
Stifle all creativity
This is my resignation
No more of your negativity


I gave you all my heart
You shattered it with glee
Refusing to accept your part
No hint of apology


What should I expect
From an entity such as you
You don’t deserve my respect
And you know my words are true


You deprive my will to live
You stifle my very voice
How can you expect me to forgive
You’ve left me with no other choice


There’s nothing left to say
I tried, you wouldn’t listen
I’ve given you enough leeway
I need to get some distance


With that I must resign
The final resort, for me to survive
I’m tired of living, so confined
No longer, will I let you, deprive


In response to Daily Prompt Deprive

The first resignation themed poem is available Here


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