Defender of the Garden Path

[In 2010 I spent quite a bit of time on an online java games site called using the handle ‘Johnny The Fox’ (That’s a story for another day).  It was fun for killing time, had a nice chat interface and came in useful for something to do while the movie or TV show I wanted to watch was buffering. Ah the pre Netflix days, I don’t miss you at all.  For some unknown reason a poetry competition was held with in-game prizes.  Me thinking I was a bit of a writer jumped at the chance.  The only rule was the poem had to be based on one of the games hosted on the site.  I chose a defence game I enjoyed playing.  It was a simple tower defence style game with an insect based theme.  The basic principal was to try and stop bugs and insects from making their way around a winding path of what was meant to be a garden.  If you know defence style games the goal is to build fortifications to repel the never ended waves of enemies until you’re over run.  You don’t really win as much as get a high score.  Simple, entertaining and gave me a lot to work with in creating a poem.  I would go on to win this contest, not bragging just a fact. While feeling quite proud of myself I wanted to show my friends who were oblivious I’d entered.  Sadly they were less than impressed, showing no real interest in what I was doing.  I buried the poem in a folder on my laptop feeling dejected.  I wouldn’t stop writing but I did stop sharing.  Whilst I was looking for something else I stumbled upon it again and thought considering I have my very own blog, why not give it a home here.  Its funny reading it over, my style hasn’t changed much, but there’s more whimsy.  I hope I haven’t lost something over the years.  The following then is that very poem, feel free to let me know what you think and please enjoy!!]


Defender of the Garden Path


The tower stands tall and my arrows flies true
My dreaded six-legged targets are well and truly through
One after the other of this relentless insect crew
will fall to my deadly arrows, flying straight and true.


I have cannons, grenades and rockets to use
Insects bugs and beetles I aim to abuse
Though their attacks fill the screen I shan’t be confused
With a bang and a crash from my explosives I can’t lose


Defence is my game, nay the purpose of my life
Those insidious bugs causing me interminable strife
Every wave of attack cuts close like a knife
So to repel I upgrade and save my diminishing lives.


I’ve done all my research now my money runs thin
each wave costing more to stop the bugs and their kin
yet my lasers have given me such great cause to grin
what an investment it was to the insects chagrin.


With determination and luck, up the levels I fly
Though defence is getting harder from my omnipotent perch way up high
The fear has set in that soon I shall die
Then all I will hear is the vermin’s victorious cry


As the tension mounts my fortifications stand teeming and tall
But they are failing to protect against the insects merciless maul
With one last effort as I watch the bugs cataclysmic crawl
I bolster my defence to delay my inevitable fall


One life remains and soon I’ll be dead
I’ve been over-run by beetles fearsome and red
After all this time one thought circles around my head
Maybe, just maybe, I should have played pool instead

My Winning Playray Poem


16 thoughts on “Defender of the Garden Path

        1. Didn’t he just😔 Him and Freddie Mercury. I’d have loved to have been at one of the early Queen gigs when Lizzy was the support act. I don’t listen music these days I’ve switched to podcasts but when I do listen Lizzy is always on the Playlist😄


            1. It sounds fantastic, 78 would have been a great year. Sadly I only discovered lizzy at 16 in 2003. Way WAY too late for anything live. You’re really putting me in the mood to listen. Haha. You know I don’t even have anything on my new phone. Looks like I have a job tonight!😄


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