More Than Just A Fence

There’s nothing like the creative whimsy of a child
With their eyes so full of wonder and imaginations wild
Take a simple object like a sturdy garden fence
To a child the possibilities are really quite immense


A wall you scale as an infant, rebellious hangout when you’re a teen
No-one ever bothers to tell the teens, it’s not as cool as they think it seems
A fence is so much more than just a protective property boundary
Just ask any child, I’m sure they’ll answer quite profoundly


When I was growing up, football was the order of the day
No better way to spend our time and everyone could play
That garden fence became our goal, posts in the perfect position
Until my dad came to stop us, worried for the fences condition


It could get a little tiresome to always play football
Sometimes a change was needed, a new game to enthral
Racket sports are great and inspire competitive ambition
A fence becomes a makeshift net, to play games of badminton


During the wars of water fights, a fence became your shield
Ducking behind for cover, resolved you’ll never yield
Using the slats as slingshots, to fire off water balloons
Surprising all of your attackers, those unfortunate buffoons


When fleeing certain capture in a game of hide and seek
A fence becomes a sly way for the crafty player to cheat
Sit atop a fence and you’ll have early warning detection
Jump down to the opposite side and run in the other direction


Passing secret notes as a child, always comes with certain danger
What if they’re intercepted and read by some random stranger
A mischievous young rascal will use their garden fence
Hiding all their notes secure, in one of the broken segments


If you weren’t able, to build a grand tree house
A fence came in quite handy, to build a cool club house
Tie some sheets to poles, which have been tethered to the ground
Give it an awesome name and invite your best friends round


When the gale force winds came and blew panels down
Shows could be performed, to replace all the frowns
Using the gap in the fence as a portal to a stage
Anyone who passed would be charmingly engaged


There’s nothing quite like a child’s creative spirit
The freedom, wild abandon and innocence they exhibit
Who else could dream so pure, without any pretence
Just some simple youthful whimsy, around a humble garden fence

In response to Daily Prompt Fence



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