To My Ill Fitting Friend

The time has arrived
To set you to rest
Though you always satisfied
You’re no longer at your best


Now looking a bit shabby
You’ve been around a long time
Though you still make me happy
You’ve simply past your prime


When we spend our time together
You’ve started slipping away
No longer as secure and tethered
As you were, just the other day


It’s a natural progression
For our relationship to change
Has my recent fitness obsession
made it preordained


I’ve outgrown your restrictions
But it’s not what you think
Though I still have much affection
My waistline’s began to shrink


It wouldn’t be all that wise
To keep you hanging around
Though you still look good to my eyes
You’re a reminder, of when I was too round


As much as it pains me to let you go
You’re the one that’s falling off me
As much as it might be an interesting show
I’d be embarrassed if you fell to my knees


I know that I’ve been acting glad
But I’m just as shocked as you
I know that it makes you feel sad
That I have to find something new


You won’t be that easy to replace
You were comfort in the time we shared
I promise I won’t act in haste
Until I’m united in a perfect pair


I don’t say this out of malice
But I hope, we never meet again
Please don’t think I’m being callous
But I’ve a goal, I want to attain


So here’s to you my ill fitting friend
Evidence of weight loss dreams
I’m sorry our relationship had to end
You’ve been a wonderful pair of jeans




jeans image.jpg


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