The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

I’ll never be popular
So instead I’ll just hide


I’ll never be successful
So I don’t even try


I’ll never be loved
So they don’t notice me


I’ll never be anything
So no-one knows I’m there


The perils of a self fulfilling prophecy
Holding yourself back sub consciously


Repeating negative mantras, only results in despair
You should treat yourself better; you need to start to care


It doesn’t really matter, if your conscious says its true
Look at what it does, always leaving you so blue


Reinforce the positive, cast the bad thoughts aside
Try and see you’re worth, you’ve no good reason to hide


Listening to your negative nonsense, is only making the prophecy real
Break out of this curse you’ve inflicted, escape from your damaging ordeal


I know that you can’t see it, but the mantras you recite
As self deluded lies, designed to perpetuate plight


Don’t idealise being popular, just be the wonderful person you are
There are people that want to know you and think you’re going to go far


You’ve got the potential to be successful, but in the past you’ve been too afraid
Promise yourself you’ll try, breaking through fears barricades


As for love, I’m sorry, that you’ve not met her yet
When it happens, she’ll complete you and be worth the wait, I’ll bet


Don’t mire yourself in the dark, fulfilling those negative lies
Focus in on the light and snap your repressive ties


If you must create a prophecy, make it one of aspirations
If the negative one worked so well, make the change and challenge expectations



In response to Daily Prompt Prophecy



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