Waiting For You To Arrive

I can never really tell from looking on the screen
If you’ll actually live up, to all of my dreams
Patiently I’ll wait, until you arrive
Hoping that you’ll be the one, to make me feel alive


I’m beginning to wonder, if I made the right choice today?
When you eventually get here, will I be dismayed
Would the brown one have been better, or maybe that mischievous red
Over-analysing my decisions, uncontrollably in my head


There’s not a thing I can do, to change the order now
The transactions done, so I’m waiting here to be wowed
The message I got earlier, say’s that you’ll be arriving soon
I can’t wait to get you alone, inside of my bedroom


I’ve been dreaming of your arrival, when I’ll finally cop a feel
Don’t be startled if I touch you and I let out a little squeal
There’s been many others before you, I’m not new to this game
But somehow you’re something special, even though you look the same


I definitely have a type, just look at my previous history
Why you’re making me giddy and nervous, is something of a mystery
Is it just from the excitement, that you would be brand new?
Looking forward in anticipation, for your awe inspiring debut


At last I hear a chap at the door, you’ve finally arrived
It’s felt like an eternity, I’ve no idea how I’ve survived
I greet your trusted escort, with his intimidating glare
I promise to treat you well, but he really doesn’t seem to care


Whisking you off to my bedroom, giggling with delight
Revealing you so gently, my word you’re quite the sight
I can’t wait to be inside you, to feel you envelope me
And when we’re done with introductions, I want my friends to see


Holding you with delight, incredibly soft to the touch
Seductively tempting minx, I promise not to judge
Delicately flexible, in all of the right places
You’ve been worth every penny, if I may be so gracious


I’m really quite impressed, by your style and vintage beauty
But I must apologise for earlier, when I was acting goofy
I’m just in awe of you, my gorgeous new fedora
My dear you’ll give me quite, the suave distinguished aura


waiting for you to arrive image.jpg


In response to Daily Prompt Awe


14 thoughts on “Waiting For You To Arrive

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t know about gifted but thank you for the oh so kind words❤ I really enjoyed writing this one, it’s so much fun to play games with the direction to fool the reader but still have it flow in rhyme. I’m really happy you enjoyed this!! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve really gotten into these misdirection poems. You can tell when I’m in a playful mood. Haha. I’m really enjoying the soundcloud additions. Haven’t had time today to record but hoping to do some older ones at the weekend so I’m sure you’re feed will be full of dulcet toned Scottish seranading poetry. Haha!!

      Liked by 1 person

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