Would you like me any more, if I cut and styled my hair?
If I got rid of my scruffy beard, would that make you care?
Is there anything I could change, to win your loving affection?
I’d kill to have one moment, of your undivided attention!


If I changed the way I dressed, would you finally be impressed
Please tell me what I need to do; it’s really making me depressed
There must be something I could change, to get some affirmation
My world is incomplete, without your inspiring validation


Do you think that we’re too different, that we don’t have much in common?
Life’s about having new adventures and with you I know they’ll be awesome
Please don’t disregard me, because I’m nothing like the rest
Could you just give me a chance, to feel the love that you possess?


Would it make any difference if I finally learned to drive?
If I had transport freedoms, would you see that I’m alive?
I wish I could make you see, that we’d be great together
Being in your life would never cease to be a pleasure


If I had a better career, could that possibly help you notice?
Do you think my life lacks purpose and shows no sign of focus?
I don’t know what you want, is there any way it could be me
My heart belongs to you and yet you still refuse to see


If I acted like more of an adult, would that be good enough?
Repress all of my eccentrics and give up the childish stuff
Do you even have a clue, that you’re a being such of fascination?
Did you know that a simple “hello”, would give me immense validation



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