I lack confidence around people
Especially with women
Social Anxiety
Romantic Anxiety
Let’s say low self worth
When bravery fleetingly appears
Taking valiant strides
So often I fail
rewarded with rejection
So it fades
Hidden away
Depriving those who could care
of a personality so rare


Is it a matter of self worth?
Do I let the negativity in?
There’s no time for mistakes
I must make an impact
I must do it right
Prove myself
Be something more
Be good enough
Be perfect
I can’t
Or wont
I shan’t present doubt
When I speak my intent
Must ring true
I don’t know how
Can confidence exist in me?


It’s difficult to find
The bravery to approach
Anxiety of failure
Unsure of my words
What to say
How to act
I stand
Deer in headlights
Words escape me
Still they flow out
Replies with confused stares
It doesn’t matter
I’ll leave


She deserves better
They all do
But what of me?
I want to be better
Not just for her
For me
To survive
Not fall to pieces
Not be so fragile
It’ll take time to rebuild
Confidence bruised
In tatters
I’ll try again
Just not today
Next time I’ll do better
Next time I’ll speak wiser


It’s no myth
Makes a man
It’s alluring
Yet I cower
Shy away and hide
Afraid to try
To act bold
To be brave
To have what little
Shatter when I fail
Never attractive
I always need time
Time to heal
Time to feel, again
Never to abandon hope
Cautiously dormant
Quietly dreaming
Will another chance will appear
Capturing my heart
Inspiring confidence anew


Don’t over think
Stop hiding
Stop dreaming
Start living
Cast off the burdens
That break your spirit
Find the confidence in you
It’s always been there
The advice isn’t unique
You are unique
Be proud to be you
Yes, you’re still broken
Yet you still have all the pieces
Some assembly might be required
And you’re worth repairing


Don’t strive to be perfect
Or try to act special
Be yourself
Don’t fear the mistakes
Fear the chances not taken
You are worthy
You are good enough
You are you
Have confidence in that
It’s all life wants


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