Zero interest
Zero cares
At least you’re consistent
Refusing to share

There was never a sign
Your feelings had changed
I thought things were fine
But now we’re estranged

Zero affection
Zero hatred
Not so much a rejection
It’s more complicated

Once we were close
Trading our secrets
Until your apathy arose
Without hint of a grievance

Zero acknowledgements
Zero abuse
When I speak, no responsiveness
Nor even an excuse

What good does it bring
To deny past significance
Nothing worse than the sting
That comes from indifference


indifference quote


6 thoughts on “Indifference

  1. Daramemon

    People revel when they know they are exactly playing with ur sentiments, very soon the same happ to them no ill wishes but I feel the hurt

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    1. Relationships are so dangerously complex that denial of any emotional response is far worse than having the worst insults thown at you.
      It’s sad that we all have to feel this hurt and worse that we may have inflicted it on others

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