Can you see it
My barren lusts
Do they unnerve you
Feeling disgust

I know it’s there
the desperation
You should beware
of my procrastinations

I want to be happy
have love at my side
Luck fails me sadly
Romantics denied

I want love so bad
No mutual interest
Am I too sad
Far too persistent

Can you hear it
Awkward flirtations
Nervous wit
Failing all expectations

Unsure what to say
Actions confused
Confidence betrays
Advances refused

Am I insecure
No worth, no class
Does it make you unsure
Is that why you pass

Can you sense it
A heart that’s yearning
Belonging to a misfit
Is that disconcerting

No more than a creep
To those I admire
Falling to deep
Obsession, over desire

Am I trying to hard
questing for hearts
All passion, no guard
Sets me apart

Am I’m doing wrong
Heart on my sleeve
Do I come on too strong
Is that why they leave

Would this explain
Consistent rejection
Going insane
Tortured introspection

My appeals in question
with unknown merit
Would you voice an objection
That I appear desperate

Is it unattractive
Longing for affection
Do they want more passive
When eyeing they’re perfection

Spurning my own potential
Passions result in complications
A new approach becomes essential
Before falling further, to desperation


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