Father’s Day Arts and Crafts

In a departure from my normal nonsense with words, I’m going to do something a little different with this post.  This post is going up on Father’s Day and will be a little showcase of an arts and crafts project, that’s going to be a gift for my dad.  I’m not very artistically talented but I do really enjoy playing around and making things.  It gives me a chance to indulge my ever growing obsession with glitter (don’t ask…seriously).  This year I decided to make my dad some personalised take-away carrier bags.  To the outside observer an odd choice, but there’s always madness to my method.  Trust me, there’s logic to this.



My sister recently moved in with her long term boyfriend into this wonderful little house…around the corner from the home she came from.  She’s very self sufficient but she is the youngest child and the only girl, so she gets treated a little differently.  My mother jokes that she’s always had us boys wrapped around her finger and it’s never been more evident than from her loving dad.


My dad’s become a bit of a ‘domestic goddess’ since retirement and does the vast majority of any cooking in the house.  We’ve all got a few favourite dishes that he does but the one that we all share is his stir fry.  Chicken of beef, rice or noodles, it’s always beautiful.  My darling sister seems to have a sense when he’s making one and always seems to make an appearance.  She never stays for dinner, just puts in a request for have some boxed up and brought over to her.  My dad complies.  My brother visited home on his birthday, stayed for a nice dinner and of course had a cake.  My sister appeared with Birthday wishes, never stayed for dinner but did put in a request for some cake to be brought over to her.  My dad complied.  It’s jaw dropping but always funny.


I’ve been joking for a while now that he should be charging for delivery and it’s from that joke I sparked on the idea to get him take-away carrier bags.  I know that the gift will go down well but a batch of plain bags seems so impersonal.  That’s where the arts and crafts come in.

Who doesn’t love some home cooking
Well, he is only just around the corner after all
To put up with the girl he truly is “super”
I still say he should be getting paid


As you can see I have creative ideas but the execution is a little less than artistic.  It doesn’t stop me from playing around.  I really do enjoy making a mess in the pursuit of creating something.  It also gives me a chance to annoy my darling baby sister which I do so enjoy.  This one was is my favourite

She really is quite the spoiled princess


I hope you lovely readers have enjoyed this change of pace from the written whimsy I usually post.  If you’re aching for a bit of poetry check out today’s earlier post, it’s a personal Father’s Day poem.  If you liked this showcase then you’ll be glad to know that I have a couple from last year I was planning on writing.


Happy Father’s Day!



Cameron D Hamilton


31 thoughts on “Father’s Day Arts and Crafts

    1. I’m always so aware I’m not great but I just don’t care I throw myself into it and enjoy the moment. I lose hours to projects like this and in the dark days it makes me smile to have something tangible created. I’m glad you liked them, they’ve went down quite well although my sister has yet to see them, her reaction will be the best…especially for the ‘princess’ one


            1. I’ve never found that before. It sounds very VERY sweet. I’m not quite sure about this but I’ll reserve judgement. I don’t even know if they do that over here.
              I wouldn’t listen to J, she has terrible taste. Case and point she likes me 😉

              Liked by 1 person

                1. I’ve always been a mint choc chip guy, but I do like cotton candy. Oh weird question what colour is the icecream. I’m thinking either pink or blue. Oh can you get different variety of it. This has really capured my imagination. Probably cause I’m off sugar and crave things like icecream.
                  You totally should write about it!
                  Oh no! You’ve got just as bad taste as J, I have great sympathy for both of you!


                    1. I’ll be on reader catch up this evening my time so I’m sure I’ll be annoying you later with comment. Looking forward to it, glad I could inspire a little creativity. I usually just inspire concern in my sanity 😄

                      Liked by 1 person

    1. I do enjoy some arts and crafts madness. your blog looks like it’s filled with some amazing ideas. I’m in a bad place reading wise just so busy but I promise I’ll be looking through for ideas very soon!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this little attempt!!

      Liked by 1 person

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