Dads Wallet

Mother always told me, he carried my first tooth in my wallet

Sort of like a picture in one of those heart shaped lockets

A sign of the adoring affection, he has for his first born son

I never really believed her, I thought she was just having fun


There used to be a drawer in the kitchen, where a whole lot of junk was stored

Loose change, tea towels and junk mail, batteries and an extension cord

If you’d lost something in the house, you’d probably find It there

But finding dads wallet in the drawer, was actually quite rare


I may never get another chance, to find out if mother’s story was right

Even if it turns out to be false, proving her wrong could be a delight

Unless of course it’s a trap, an elaborately played mind game

But it’s such an endearing story, if I looked could I really be blamed


With trembling hands I lift it, up from where it sat

I fumble with the latch, till it releases with a snap

Feeling extremely guilty, that I’m rummaging through dads stuff

Fearing I get caught and hear his angry voice, so gruff


Nervous but excited, I pull it open and look inside

Hoping to find my baby tooth, in its leather bound confines

As I begin my inspection, there’s nothing there, not even any cash

Disappointed and embarrassed for acting foolish and ever so brash


Dismayed thinking all hope was lost, I notice a small sparkle in the corner

The tiniest tooth I’d ever seen, filling my heart full of wonder

A lump starts to form in my throat and tears start to well in my eyes

I truly know nothing if love, this has been an overwhelming surprise


I gently return the wallet, back to the messy drawer

Stunned by this sweet revelation, it’ll be in my mind evermore

I was never in doubt I was loved and this doesn’t change a thing

It’s heart-warming to know that it’s there and know the love and comfort it brings


Though we’ve never spoke about it, it’s always in my head

We both know the truth, there’s nothing more that needs to be said

When I’m feeling lost and broken, that the world isn’t treating me fair

I know there’s a physical part of me, being guarded and carried with care


If I’m ever lucky enough, to trick a woman, into having my children

I’ll treasure them every day of my life, following my father, never keeping love hidden

Yet I’ll put aside a special little something, saved just for me

A tooth safely kept in my wallet, reminding me how lucky I’ve been


Today is Father’s Day and this simple poem is dedicated my father.  A man who quietly watches over me and has guided me to the man I am today.  This poem is inspired by a real event that took place when I was no older than fourteen.  Forgive me but I can’t remember my exact age, it was a rather long time ago.  Regardless the moment has lived on with me and is something I hold dear to my heart.  If one day I am lucky enough to have my own family I hope I can be as great a father and man as he is and make him proud.


Happy Fathers Day!


15 thoughts on “Dads Wallet

    1. Thank you so much, I’ve been playing with it for a while. I’m so glad the emotions poured through. I don’t like latching onto ‘hallmark holidays’ but this story was too special not to do something creative with. Thank you for your sweet words 😊

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Happens with everyone. Instead, listen to your heart and never be afraid to show your writing skills and creations. Because no matter what some might say, it is your creation and you should be proud of it.

            Liked by 1 person

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