Waiting Room

The home of many mystery maladies
Silent averted gazes, a formality
Each visitor, concerned with their own health
Is anyone else curious, or is it just myself


Reading the notices tacked to the wall
An uneasy silence, as you wait to be called
The quiet is broken, phone ringing for appointments
Visitors collecting prescriptions, no-one showing any enjoyment


Anxiously tapping my foot on the floor
The others seem calm, they must have been here before
All of this worry is making me seem worse
I hope I don’t look foolish to that rather pretty nurse


The news ticker on the wall, comes to life with a bleep
Giving instructions to all us poorly people
I really wish my name would appear soon
I’ve never liked sitting in a doctors waiting room



The home of oral maintenance
Full of fellow dental acquaintances
Each visitor, concerned with their teeth
Flicking through magazines, former patients bequeathed


There’s a television broadcasting, a daytime reality show
All the literature is a year old, I wonder if anyone knows
No-one dares talk preferring solitary distraction
Are they all scared as well, of having a bad interaction?


I’ve been looking after myself, since last I was here
So why is my mind slowly filling with fear
The only escape from my anxious trepidation
Are the stunning dental nurses and their unintended titillations


Each nurse that comes by, collects a different patient
Wishing she was coming for me, slightly losing my patience
I just want to be seen and I don’t care by whom
It’s not fun to be sat in a dentist’s waiting room



The home of gossip and blades in pairs
Laughter and chatter abounds everywhere
Each visitor, concerned with their hair
But still blathering wildly, as if anyone really cares


Trainees offer tea and coffee and hangs up the patron’s coats
Display cases in corners, stocked with the items they promote
Log comfortable sofas to relax on while you wait
Magazines on a coffee table inspiring styles to re create


Thinking I might try something new today
Listening to bad music and hair-dryers blowing away
I’ve never had an appointment with this girl before
Should I prepare some witty anecdotes, so she doesn’t think I’m a bore?


As my turn approaches, I’m dressed in a protective gown
Declined offered refreshments again and sat myself back down
A breeze of floral enchantments from the products sweet perfumes
I’m really quite fond of being in the hairdresser’s waiting room


5 thoughts on “Waiting Room

    1. It is strange how these simple thing bring anxiety. Maybe its that its not part of daily life that its pulling you from normality ans your mind is reacting to thw unexpected change. Or maybe its just not liking to wait. It’s no one paricular moment but having recently been in a waiting room I was reminded of past experiences. It’s definitely my story but it spans many visits. Hope you liked it!

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