Why am I here?

As the day crawls leisurely to another sunlit end

I sit in silence, slowly going round the bend

After everyone’s left I wonder why I’m still here

Their well wishes and goodbyes, so very insincere


Abandoned, betrayed and tortured inside

My eyes tell a truth, my words graciously hide

Alone and afraid of being left with my thoughts

Desperate for distractions, though reliefs a long shot.


All of my anger burns close to the surface

Sun setting, rage rising, “what’s my actually purpose?”

If I get up, if I leave, would anyone notice?

Or does that play into, my unending psychosis.


I don’t understand, why I’ve tied myself to this place

It’s not like I contribute anything to the human race

It’s probably not healthy, to be wallowing in despair

But who said being alone, would turn out to be fair


I find myself blocked, taunted under a glass ceiling

Watching people pass by, toying with my feelings

Jealous those around me, are able to escape

Contemplating my life, my dreams and my fate.


I stare into the void on my computer screen

The content never changes, neither does my routine

A reminder that I may have seen all I’ll ever see

A question emerges, “what’s next for me?”


If the truth is to be told, I’ve no happiness left

My life at large, has me feeling bereft

I think I may leave, there’s really nothing to fear

Unless I find the answer, to “why am I here?”


13 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. The purpose in life is to be your true self
    What makes you incredibly happy, you tell
    Stick on to that one reason to be genuinely be happy
    Let go of the thousands reasons that hurt you sadly.
    Okay my poetic skills aren’t good. But, the message is be happy. Life is too short to be lost. Find happiness in small things that life has to offer you. Soon, you will find your purpose. Keep smiling!

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    1. I like you’re poetic skills are just perfect and have cheered a bitter jaded man’s heart. My crisis of being had me looking in the wrong places…doesn’t help I’m surrounded by negative influences. I’m slowly cutting them away and I know I’ll get out of the dark. This past 24 hours has really pushed me to the edge but your kind words are extremely appreciated! Thank You ❤

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    1. Thank you so much. Really looking forward to doing one of these again. I’m going to accept this but will take my time with it, sadly not in the best space for positivity. Great questions and I really liked your post! Thank you! 💖

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  2. The whole point in life is to come over the bad times and get going . It is often hard but that is where our moral strength plays a part, I feel. 😊
    I love the way you write. Your poems are deep and create an imagery. I have written a couple of poems too, would love it if you checked my blog. 🙂

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