Stop Talking At Me!

When I say I want
To be left alone
That doesn’t mean
Carry on speaking
When I say I want
To get on with my work
Just go away
You’re making it worse
Stop talking at me

It’s plain to see
I’m furiously angry
What part of my demeanour
Says I want to be annoyed
Just leave me be
I’m doing no harm
Except to myself
But when did you care
Stop talking at me

You don’t know my troubles
How dare you presume
Leave your issues at the door
Stabbing platitudes at me
My issues have been created here
Because you show no respect
Because no one listens
Because I’m not brave
You don’t know my troubles
I don’t need you to know
I’m entitled to my opinions
I’m entitled to be left alone
Still you persist
Still you prattle
Enraged, pushed to the edge
Stop talking at me

I can’t leave this place
I tired, I left
Stood in the cold winds
Seething with rage
Dedicated, to a fault
I can’t leave
I can’t abandon them
Those who care
Those who share
In the mistreatment
Does it hurt more to stay
Is it over reaction
Would everything be fine
If you had just

Stopped talking

At me!


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