Heart on My Sleeve

I’ve always live my life with my heart on my sleeve
Open to the world, but ever so naive


When troubles come by, I can find it hard to cope
It gets a little hard to focus in on hope


Being so open can lead me to despair
With daily reminders, that nobody really cares


I’ve never understood, why such an innocent heart
Could be treated so poorly, callously torn apart


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always bad
There’s more to this heart than just feeling sad


When I’m happy it’s like, I’ve never felt more alike
It give me hope that my hearts built to survive


I don’t think I’d have it any other way
I’d rather feel my emotions than be dull and grey


Though the bad is torture, the good’s a delight
My heart on my sleeve always feels right


Emotionally complex is one point of view
Hyper sensitive is a little more true


Life is an adventure right from the start
Perilous but exciting, for those with an open heart


I believe that being so open, gives me a creative spark
It can help when the world around you gets a little dark


As long as I always stay true to myself
I can weather any storm that might overwhelm


I might disappear for a while, if ever I feel broken
But my heart will never close, It’ll always remain open


So don’t worry if you see me and I’m looking down
The way my emotions work, I’ll soon turn it around


Heart on sleeve image

In response to Daily Prompt Open


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