The Man Who Made A Sun

It’s the height of summer, but there’s still been no sun
This eccentric man, doesn’t think that’s very fun
Dreams of warm weather and games to be played
This whimsical man, will try and get it another way


Off to the garden shed, where imagination runs riot
This creative man, plans to change the climate
Concepts and blueprints thrown around
This inventive man, has ideas to astound


Planning to start a fire up in the sky
This innovative man, isn’t one who’ll simplify
Constructing a powerful rocket, from the scrap found in his shed
This visionary man, with desires in his head


Day’s spent in seclusion, building the weather rocket
This ignorant man, unaware of the incessant gossip
The townsfolk think he’s crazy and will end up getting hurt
This consumed man, an inspired introvert


Creating the fire’s easy, but the rocket must be tested
This cautious man, must be careful that he’s not arrested
Testing them at night, disguised as a fireworks display
This calculating man, fire’s off, quite the array


The plan’s to have the rocket, orbit round the earth
This peculiar man, giving his plans birth
Soaring in the sky, the rockets do him proud
This fantastic man, creatively endowed


A ball to be placed on the rocket, that when triggered, will burst into flames
This constructive man, with his rather lofty aims
Once it’s held in orbit, an explosion of light with bathe the land
This ingenious man, with plans so very grand


The townsfolk began to plea, that the crazy plot be stopped
This alarming man, needs to have his launch plans blocked
Yet nothing could deter him, from unleashing a brand new sun
This terrifying man, had the townsfolk completely stunned


Saboteurs tried to attack and bring the rocket down
This defensive man, fighting with the town
Prepared for the protestors, his creation was secure
This protective man, feared for acting so obscure


Soon the day would come, the launch was finally ready
This anxious man, with nerves a little unsteady
The antagonists had failed, nothing stood in his way
This determined man, on a quest for warm sun rays


The rocket is launched, there’s giddy trembling delight
This excited man, making his very own sunlight
Will soon fill the sky, wondrous and bright
This elated man, can’t wait for the beautiful sight


Racing through the sky, the rocket took its place
This delighted man, enjoying his showcase
Tapping on his trigger, commands the fires to explode
This hysterical man, trying to keep himself composed


As the new sun burst to life, tragedy would strike
This spooked man, his complexion drained to white
Rocket enveloped in flames, knocked from its course
This startled man, filling quickly with remorse


Crashing back to earth, the fireball gaining speed
This foolish man, should have listened to the pleas
With no way to stop, the fiery disaster
This panicked man, watched frozen, as it fell faster


Innocent eccentric dreams, had only wrought doomsday
This frightened man, though should he run away
Hide from the townsfolk, he’d now put in danger
This terrified man, fearing the town’s vengeful nature


Falling to his knees, overcome with despair
This broken man, doesn’t believe that life is fair
With the purest of intentions, surely victory would prevail
This disconcerted man, can’t believe that his plan failed


Sadly this wasn’t to be, a truly heroic story
This disappointed man, wouldn’t get his glory
Shocked by tragic failure his sun falls, from up on high
This heartbroken man, tears welling in his eyes

Inspired by a conversation with J Among other things, J


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