Re: Nightshift Handover #3

[Regular readers will have seen my recent attempts at annoying the night shift team at my work.  To date I’ve written them two poems and they’ve not commented on either.  I’m actually getting quite annoyed by them.  I go out of my way to write them a witty poem, I neglect my actual work with the intention of crafting a little slice of entertainment and it just gets ignored.  How very rude of them!  Well tonight I wrote them another poem and left it for them in the shared inbox.  The day shift team love them but are convinced I’m going to get into trouble.  I really don’t think I’m saying anything bad, although I may not be the best judge.  I think this will be the last one I do for a while.  I don’t want to start repeating myself too much, besides that’s two very close together.  So here, once again for your viewing pleasure, is tonight’s hand over email…]


It’s come to my attention; it can be boring to work through the night

So I decided to write another poem, I hope it beings you great delight


While the moon is glowing up high and stars twinkle in the sky

I’ll be wrapped up cosy in my bed, wishing the day good-bye


I don’t say this to brag, it’s just a simple fact

Although on second viewing, I could’ve used some tact


I’m sure you’ll have a great night, while I’m lying in my bed

I probably won’t sleep that well and be far more bored instead


I’d be remiss if I didn’t warn you, to make sure all your work is done

There’ll be consequences if you don’t and they won’t be very fun


By the way, if you get bored, here’s something NOT to do

Call my phone and wake me up, because I’ll brutally murder you


If it makes you feel any better, I’d rather be in your shoes

Your shift’s so much calmer, compared to mines constant abuse


It may not be that easy, to always keep yourself entertained

But it’s better than the stress that leaves the day shift drained


I hope your nights a quick one, relaxing and stress free

It should be a quiet shift, for as much as I’ve foreseen


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