Rambling Words

The words I use are deliberate
But sometimes I use too many
Often strung together in gibberish
Using ten when four would be plenty


She has rather unique stare
the longer that I to speak
My rambling words, must be quite rare
Is she looks awed by my aural techniques?


She’s listens, understanding
or just being polite?
I know my nonsense, is demanding
but I’m given, the limelight


She nods patiently and smiles
As I regale her with my tale
Speaking nonsensically for a while
In whimsical detail


I can’t tell if she’s really interested
I’m just enjoying her undivided attention
Attempting to leave her wowed and impressed
If she’s bored, she’s too kind to mention


As I finally draw my story to a close
I wonder if I came across as a freak
Laughing, she’s charmed by my words so verbose
And rewards me with a kiss on the cheek


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