There’s literally no work, left for me to do
I’m clambering in hope, that I’ll find something new
In less than an hour, my ‘to-do’ list was done
Now I’m bored and desperately craving some fun

I’m tormented by time as it slows to a crawl
No energy left, no excitement at all
I’m literally being paid, to do absolutely nothing
and I very much doubt, new tasks will be coming

Is working on a Sunday really required?
I know I was warned before I was hired
I couldn’t imagine how dull it would be
If you were here too, I’m sure you’d agree

I’ve no internet access and I’m not allowed paper
I shouldn’t be astounded, there’s an office moral failure
It’s a Sunday you’d thing the rules could be relaxed
but they’re afraid of the complacency, fun could attract

I’m in seriously considering curling up on the floor
The sheer lack of stimulation is a rather awful bore
I don’t think they’d even notice if I started to weep
If the day drags any longer I might fall asleep

Minutes feel like hours and I’ve lost all concept of time
Forcing your staff to waste their day should really be a crime
Risking a look at a clock, but I think I already know
I’ve still six hours left, good grief this day is really slow


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