Re: Nightshift Handover #2

[Regular readers of the nonsense I post on this blog will know about my continuing difficulties with my job.  In an effort to add a bit of levity and make me feel like I’ve actually done something creatively productive I’ve been writing poems as hand over messages for the night shift team.  Once again I’ve taken it upon myself to write them something a little poetic.  I never got any word back on the last one that I sent, so undeterred I’ve decided to send another one anyway.  I left the poem in the team inbox this evening before I left work and I’m hoping this one will get read.  If not then at least you wonderful people reading my rambling nonsense here will get the chance to see it…]


There’s been nothing to do
on this slow Sunday in June
It may continue for you
as you work under the moon

I hope you enjoy the night
and don’t get too bored
If you’re luck you might
not be completely ignored

I’ve got nothing to hand over
So that’s one less headache
But just for full disclosure
Tonight there’d better be no mistakes

I’m really not joking
Please don’t break my stuff!
You don’t want me moaning
and falling into a huff

So I hope your night is great
and more than the normal humdrum
Have fun till the clock strikes eight
When your release does finally come


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