She Says…

I’m besieged by invented stress
and consumed with unnecessary worries
She says I don’t need to try and impress
Take it slow, that there’s really no hurry

I’m under a self-imposed pressure
trying to rush my way to the climax
She says I’m not being very clever
enjoy the moment and simply relax

I’m scared I might lose my momentum
I want to keep her attention on me
She says I’m adorable, but mental
It’s hard for me not to agree

I know I’m acting overly frantic
and I really hope she’s not been scared
She says I’m being over dramatic
But it shows her how much I care

It’s no secret I’m a hopelessly romantic
and I know I can be overwhelming
She says she likes that I’m enthusiastic
but she already thought I was compelling

I’m honestly a little bit shocked
that I’ve not gone and chased her away
She says that her hearts been unlocked
By the ridiculous things that I say

I’m always conscious of the hours
when the two of us are apart
She says I’m a fool, but I’m hers
and I’ve successfully stolen her heart


9 thoughts on “She Says…

    1. Aww thank you!! I almost done a reading for this but time got away from me. I’m sure I can just add one later. I really like this one a lot, mostly for all the wishful thinking and the fantasy created. *longing sighs* 😧 Haha!! I’m really glad you liked this one!! 😆❤

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