The First

Eyes locked, daring each other, to make the first move
Our words slow in trepidation, nervous the other will disapprove
Inching closer, fingertips grazing, goose bumps shooting up my arm
My hearts racing, enamoured, by her coy sultry charms


Softly caressing her forearm, my finger seductively dance
Breathing shaky, confidence rising, she’s receptive to my advance
Timidly brushing away the hair that’s fallen on her face
Gently pulling her body close with a hand taking grasp of her waist


My gaze drops for a moment, to parting ruby lips
My hand slides from her waist, to rest upon her hips
I can feel my fingers tremble, intertwining with her hair
Her hand’s placed over mine, as eyes return to meet her stare


Passions taking over a hand crawls gently to her neck
Our bodies pressed together, no more a ‘goodnight’ peck
Grazing skin so lightly, from neck to collarbone
Excitement breaks the silence with quiet sensual moans


Inching ever closer, our noses gently brush
This moment could last forever, I’m certainly in no rush
Losing myself in soft green eyes, my hesitations melt away
Her hand caresses mine, her sign, to tell me


“yes you may!”


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