I Don’t Care

I’m playful, can’t you see?!
I’ve got an eccentric personality
Sure I’m not normal, but I don’t care
It makes me special and very rare


I’m stylish, a self fashioned pioneer
In style, every five or six years
Not one you’d copy, but I don’t care
It works for me, even if there are stares


I’m creative, with a dangerous mind
An imagination refusing to be confined
It gets me into trouble, but I don’t care
It better than being whimsically impaired


I’m awesome! To hell with you!
I can do everything I want to do!
If you don’t like it, I don’t care!
You can keep, all you dismissive glares!



22 thoughts on “I Don’t Care

    1. Me too!! I’m so heart on my sleeve it’s unreal. Sometimes I get a little spark of something that reminds me to be me and not dwell on the thoughts of others. The most difficult part is listening to the words you say to yourself.

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    1. I was a little inspired after an email i read a few days back, I wrote the last four lines straight away and the rest fell into place as I was writing today. If you are making a banner let me know, you can use some of my arts and crafts supplies, I have so much to share after all!! Haha


        1. Oh that I can do and I’d still have plenty left over to build a special device that releases glitter from a sort of exhaust. It’ll be used when running so leave a glittery trail behind you to give the impression your running through time itself.

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                  1. Haha so true, FYI it’s not good to put on your cv sacked from 3 jobs for dressing as a unicorn, and taking it to a tribunal for discrimination of unicorns doesn’t go down well either ( totally not being serious right now)

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                    1. Ahahahaha. If I’m honest im a little heart broken your not serious. It’s a great way to get sacked though. I’d proudly have that on my CV. It would be better than sone of the former jobs I’ve currently got on mine. I’d hire someone like that…It might be a mistake but we’ll worth the risk!!


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