Re: Nightshift Handover

[I work in a 24 hour industry and during the course of the day I’ll have to hand over certain tasks.  Some days there’s a lot going on, some days not, but I’m good at my job and want to make sure that when I leave, the place wont burst into flames…unless I’m starting the fire of course.  Recently I’ve been writing a lot more poetry and while waiting for my next spark of inspiration, I decided to write a poem to the night shift team.  This poem was emailed to them this evening before I left work.  I have no idea how it’ll go down, but I thought it was quite funny and deserved sharing here.  So, for you wonderful people reading my rambling nonsense here is that very poem…]


Today was quite the stress free day, I hope your nights the same

But if I come back to problems, I’ll know exactly who to blame


Nothing outstanding, except me of course, so you’re all in the clear

The night is yours to ease into, until new messages appear


If you need some help tonight, please don’t call my phone

Unless you’re prepared for the consequence of multiple broken bones


So enjoy your night and I hope that you find plenty work to do

It better be finished by the morn, or I’ll be coming after you!


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