No such thing as unrealistic dreams
Never afraid of going to the extremes
A new adventure every single day
The only worry to have is what game to play


As an adult I’ve come to reminisce
Of a childhood long gone that I sorely miss
I’ve lost some of that innocence and I’m lacking bravery
To take the risks I use to, although this time cleverly


I long for the carefree courage that I had as a child
To explore the world, running around, completely free and wild
Are my childhood passions and wonder, truly dead and gone?
Or is it quietly waiting, for the right person, to turn it back?

Image credit: Zurijeta/ Shutterstock


2 thoughts on “Reminiscing

    1. It’s the battle of nostalgia and comparing periods of your life. You are changed the world is changed but can you be reinvigorated by youthful ambitions but as an adult have the wisdom to chase the right ones.


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