Just Wait

Just wait
Take a moment and breathe
Just wait
Do you really want to leave?


Just wait
I’ve got your mother on the phone
Just wait
She’s coming over to take you home


Just wait
She’s already on her way here
Just wait
You’ve not got anything to fear


Just wait
Dry those puppy dog eyes
Just wait
Running away wasn’t wise


Just wait
Life really isn’t that bad
Just wait
What’s making you feel so sad?


Just wait
Please don’t throw it all away
Just wait
Tomorrow will be, a brand new day


Just wait
There’s so much that you can do
Just wait
And we’ll be here to help you through


Just wait
Promise me you’ll think this over
Just wait…


…just wait


9 thoughts on “Just Wait

        1. I really having that as a guide for the poem. I think it adds urgency, your talking to someone who can’t sit still and trying to help them from themselves. I enjoyed it, wherever I deampt it up from. I’m really glad you liked it!!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes you need someone to hold you still and help you from spiralling further don’t a path of despair. I’ve had many people help over the years and have helped others myself. Look after the ones you love be the light in the dark.


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