There Will Be Water

Can’t sleep.  Wont sleep.  Praying for tomorrow
Devising all my plans, making sure that they’re all thorough
The weather man said tomorrows going to be a scorcher
The anticipation to a child, really feels like torture


Waking in the morning with the first beam of light
Rushing to the window, to marvel at the sight
The sun is shining, sky is blue, the day is good and bright
No better time for me to start a massive water fight


Impatiently sat waiting for my parents to awake
I’ve got an important war to wage, “get up for heaven sake!”
Frustrated and defiant, I steal dads key to the shed
Time to break out my arsenal, this war must go ahead!


I’ve spent the holiday waiting for a chance to break out my gun
Wishing for a sunny day to have some water fun
In stealth I take it from the shed, filling it with water in the house
Preparing for my first victim, moving as quiet as a mouse


It’s true I might be giving myself an unfair advantage
but a war will not be won unless you’re willing to do some damage
Yes I’m well aware that there will be some consequences
That’s why I’m spending all this time fortifying my defences


Hidden in my garden I’ve set up a weapons cache
If I run out of ‘ammo’, I can get there in a flash
I’ve even hidden water balloons, all over the street
There’s no way I won’t be prepared, for any challenge that I meet


As I finally get back home, I hear my brother call my name
From on high, head hanging out, an open window frame
I look up to see what he wants, but he’s blocked out by the sun
Then suddenly, a splash falls on my head. The war has just begun!


6 thoughts on “There Will Be Water

        1. That sounds perfect!! I’d love a day like that. Adults just can’t help themselves, im appreciating more each year how much most of them were just big kids when I was growing up considering I’m such a big kid myself!! Haha!!


            1. I can imagine. I’ve always loved a round about and the older stronger and faster you get the faster it can go. Of course that gets problematic when you get brave jump of when it’s moving trip and faceplant oh to be young and brave. Ahaha!!!


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