Bullied as a child, undermined as an adult
The hatred they throw at me was never my own fault
I’ve amassed great wealth, but have no one with who I can share
Lonely, my anger builds, until finally I just don’t care


Feeling lost and adrift my reality becomes unfurled
Unworthy, unloved, I no longer belong in this world
To become a great man, I’ll travel far away
and until I’m truly worthy, it’s there that I shall stay


I’ll buy my own island and live as a recluse
Until my mind turns to vengeance and the lives I can abuse
I issue a call to arms for all the lost disparate souls
Damaged hate filled lives with hearts as black as coal


Now I have an army, who’ll follow my every command
Soon all those who wronged me, will feel the grasp of my hand
Using all this pain and rage, that I’ve got in a surplus
I’ll take over the world, that’ll be my one true purpose!!


10 thoughts on “Megalomaniac

    1. Oh if only I knew their names I’d happily watch as you exacted your calculated wrath upon them. I kind of already am a bit of a recluse but I don’t have my own island, that would be fun. Not in a super villain way but the tranquility. Plus I’m pretty sure “do you want to come visit my private island” is a guaranteed successful line.


      1. haha i am actually a recluse, but i prefer my solitude of stupidity of others. ooh well if i get an island il invite you over. haha such a chat up line, you should use it now, and when people arrive in your bedroom just state, the bed is the island and the floor is full of lava. so jump on the bed if you want to live haahah, they also may run out.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s amazing!!! I really want to try that. The floor is lava, that’s hilarious! The problem will be that being a bit of a geek I do have the odd statue of display and a few geeky things framed. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a runner on my hands. I my need to invest in an Indiana Jones whip to snare them just incase. I already have the hat. I like you style of recluse, it’s the same as mine although being male my stupidity out stupids yours, it’s genetic. Haha!!


            1. I can’t use that excuse. I have the look of someone that has a lightsaber hanging from their wall. To be fair I really don’t hide the geekyness if I did I’d own nothing. Oh really you think you can out stupid me…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!


                1. Not a thing it’s a gender stereotype. I’m scruffy looking so the jedi comparisons are there. I think it’s easier for girls to hide geekyness, not that they should but it’s an option. Men like me just exude it. Haha. If you do have a lightsaber and a life size iron man I have questions… What colour is the saber and can you wear the armour. Oh actually a thought if you can wear it then you could totally cos play as Rescue. I may have fallen down a geeky rabbit hole here.

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